Dental Bridges in Olathe, KS

Dental bridges are one of the many ways we can improve your smile and increase the functionality of your teeth here at Serenity Dental. At Serenity Dental in Olathe, Kansas, we care about the health and functionality of your teeth. Dental bridges are available at our dental practice and are among several restorative dentistry services we offer. 

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges can bridge the gap of a missing tooth by utilizing healthy teeth on each side of the gap. These anchoring or ‘abutment teeth’ give the prosthetic tooth something to attach to. Bridges are durable and life-like materials that can last decades with proper dental care. This procedure is done to help improve your smile and preserve your bite and teeth.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

  • Traditional bridges: Consist of a fake tooth that will be placed using crowns over the abutment teeth. The crowns are then cemented in, replicating three healthy teeth.
  • Cantilever bridges: Are used when there is only one healthy tooth next to the missing tooth. Ideally, they are done towards the front of the mouth due to less support, which ultimately affects chewing.
  • Maryland bridges: They work similarly to traditional bridges; however, the prosthetic tooth is the center of metal wings bonded to the adjacent teeth rather capped.
  • Implant bridges: They are used for bigger gaps with several missing teeth, which require more support. They consist of dental implants that are screws fastened into your jawbone, creating a strong base for the bridge.
dental bridge computer presentation at Serenity Dental in Olathe, KS

What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Chewing food can be exceptionally difficult and painful if there’s a tooth missing. Large gaps between your teeth may also cause speech difficulties, which can leave us feeling discouraged. Dental bridges are low maintenance and feel like regular teeth without disrupting our bites or jaw formation. Bridges will help prevent teeth from shifting. Overall, bridges will bring you comfort and confidence. When there are no teeth to bite down on and stimulate the jaw bone, the bone loses density and starts to deteriorate. Lastly, gaps in our teeth cause our bites to shift and, over time, may lead to TMD and chronic headaches.

What Does a Dental Bridge Procedure Look Like?

The first step of a dental bridge procedure requires consulting with a medical professional who will determine the specific type of bridge needed. They will assess the health of the teeth as well as take x-rays. Once it’s time for the first appointment, a local anesthetic may be used to ensure the patient is comfortable. Usually, the abutment teeth will require filing down so that the bridge can fit, and once that is complete, an impression of the area is made. Dental impressions are utilized at Serenity Dental. Once the appliance has been created, the patient will return later to get the bridge cemented. In the meantime, you may be given a temporary bridge. The procedure itself is a non-invasive one with little downtime. You may experience sensitivity and a little discomfort immediately after. Your dentist will then go over how to properly care for your dental bridge, depending on your kind.

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